Take advantage of the space under the board! The included tray works great for carving liquids and serves equally well for chopped vegetables, onion skins, pepper cores, etc…Consider adding another tray to the other end of the board so you can work off both ends. Additional trays are available for purchase here or a plate or cookie sheet that you already own could be the ticket.


The removable legs have many benefits. You can turn the board over, remove the legs and chop on the backside, they make it easier to fit in in the sink and clean well, and they are kind of fun to snap into place like magic. However, UNWEIGHT THE BOARD IF YOU NEED TO SLIDE IT, especially if there is something heavy on it like a turkey. The feet are so grabby (which is generally a good thing) that the legs will often flip or stay put when being slid.

The legs and backside of the board have magnets in them. The magnetic fields can damage some magnetic media such as credit cards, I.D. cards, floppy disks etc...and can also damage CRT (cathode ray tube) electronics like TV's and computer monitors when in close enough proximity. Those with a pacemaker or similar medical device should avoid close exposure to any magnets.