I’ve earned my living building things since I graduated from the Landing School of Boatbuilding in Arundel, Maine in 2000. Over the years, I’ve built things that are simple, complicated, ugly, beautiful, outrageously expensive, well designed, poorly designed and on and on. The builds that bring the greatest sense of accomplishment are those that solve problems.

No matter how simple or complicated, things that do their job well are beautiful to me, satisfying to build, and worth owning. The nEAT Board embodies this philosophy and is the backbone of "The nEAT Kitchen." It's a unique cutting board that does its job better than any other and for that reason, (I know it sounds strange) I’ve kind of fallen in love with it…and I think you will too.

The nEAT Kitchen is a family affair and I gratefully rely on my wife and parents for support in all phases of the business (my 5-year-old son is not much help...yet). Our small shop is in a big old mill building on the Androscoggin river that hosts its share of talented artists and craftspeople. Thank you for your interest!


Joshua Manahan



AM view from the parking lot

AM view from the parking lot