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nEAT has you covered

This versatile apron is 100% linen. From the stalk of the flax plant, linen is roughly 30% stronger than cotton, resulting in a garment than can withstand years of abuse. Conveniently, its naturally long fibers also result in a characteristically fluid drape, are naturally hypoallergenic, absorbent, highly breathable, and get softer with age.

The simple strap and button-free design make it easy to slip on and off while providing unrestricted freedom of movement. This apron has you covered on Sunday morning when the bacon gets a little cheeky, mid-day when your pulling  weeds from the garden, and in the evening when finger painting with your favorite little one. 

Tame the chaos life spills on you with one of our distinctive yet practical linen aprons. The linen is preshrunk and can be machine washed and dried.  We suggest hanging to dry so the straps lie flatter.

Sizes:                    Adult:  One-size fits most
                              Kids:  fits ages 3-6